Wearmax Scratch Concealer: Old Floors Made New

Wearmax Scratch Concealer Keeps Hardwood Floors Like NewFor weeks, I have been readying the house for Easter. As always, we are hosting the big celebration and are anticipating at least 45 friends and family members for a festive buffet dinner.

This weekend, I finished the gardens… weeding, mulching and trimming shrubs. But, as the day grows closer, I am focusing more intensely on some interior projects that are long overdue. High on the list are repairing the scratches on our floors that really mar the beauty of the hardwoods.

The last time we had our floors professionally sanded, stained and sealed was over 5 years ago. And… life in our house has a tendency to take its toll on the floors!

Luckily, there are no deep gouges. But the nicks and scratches that show up as “white” look so awful! Of course, I am not alone. This happens to most hardwood floors, especially those finished with Aluminum Oxide. (And, today, more than 95% of pre-finished flooring uses Aluminum Oxide in the finish!)

Up until now, a touch up stick (really designed for furniture) was my only solution. Although this dyed the scratch, making it less noticeable, the scratch itself was still “open.”  And those scratches have a tendency to gather dirt and debris, making the floor harder to clean.

But I recently discovered Wearmax Scratch Concealer to not only conceal, but also seal, those scratches – protecting my investment and making my floors look almost new again!

Wearmax Scratch Concealer is a patent pending product and is the first ever hardwood flooring finish in a bottle. It eliminates the white lines that appear when a scratch is made on the floor. And, this product is cured under ambient light, creating a permanent seal that won’t wash away.

Wearmax Scratch Concealer works on 99% of hardwood floors including those finished with Aluminum Oxide and even old, original flooring that is finished on-site, like mine. Flooring finished on-site is typically finished with a polyurethane, so while the white lines are not quite as noticeable, the scratches should still be sealed.

I found this product incredibly easy to use. Simply apply the concealer to the scratch (a little goes a long way). Wipe off the excess (make sure you wear gloves). Allow it to cure in regular ambient light and do not apply in direct sunlight or use for exterior applications. Done!

I have been obsessively sealing scratches throughout the entire house and the floors haven’t looked this pristine in years!

It’s important to note that Wearmax Scratch Concealer is not a filler, so while it will improve the look of deeper scratches it will not physically fill in a dent or deep gouge. The product will, however, eliminate the “white” and help conceal the scratch when viewed from a normal standing position.

Also, this product works best on light to medium-colored floors. If you have darker natural or popular espresso-colored floors, you will want to “color in” to match with a touch up stick before you seal it.

Wearmax Scratch Concealer normally retails for $28.99 and is available nationwide at home goods stores, hardware stores and online at Amazon.

So, now that my garden is presentable and my floors are gorgeous again, I am thinking about painting the kitchen…

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DISCLAIMER: I received the Wearmax Scratch Concealer mentioned above free, in order to fully test the product and its effectiveness. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

PHOTOS: Used with permission by Wearmax.

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