Anti Allergen Pillow Protector: Rest Easy!

Comfort Shield Anti Allergen Pillow Protector from Fiberlinks TextilesToday, I spent the day shopping for bedding. The afternoon flew by in a flurry of style decisions. Stripes or plaid? Down or alternative? Reversible solids? You see, my son is off to college next month and needs the full complement of dorm room essentials, from a sturdy comforter-as-couch, to matching sheets, to cozy blankets and plush throws. Of course, a new memory foam pillow was also a must-have. And, to protect that $50 investment, I also got a Comfort Shield Anti Allergen Pillow Protector from Fiberlinks Textiles. At only $9.79 per pillow, this is the smartest decision I made all day!

The pillow protector is made of super soft, absorbent terry cloth and has a waterproof (but breathable) backing. Perfect for the college dorm, camping, or for daily use at home.

The Fibrelinks Anti Allergen Pillow Protector is also hypoallergenic and provides protection against pesky dust mites. Since I can’t imagine my son will be cleaning his dorm room very often, this is a huge bonus.

The easy zip pillow protector is also washer and dryer friendly (for when he brings his mountain of laundry home to mom… and I know he will!).

The Comfort Shield Anti Allergen Pillow Protector is just one of the many great home interiors products available from Fiberlinks Textiles, a leading manufacturer textiles throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia.

Other Fibrelinks products include Priva™ and Americare™ brand bedding and mattress protectors, anti-allergen mattress encasings, infant items, and even a new certified organic line of crib and bassinette protection. To see the entire line of products for the home, visit Fiberlinks Textiles.

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DISCLAIMER: I received a Comfort Shield Anti Allergen Pillow Protector from Fiberlinks Textiles in order to fully evaluate the product. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I believe to be good for my readers.

PHOTO: Used with permission by Fibrelinks Textiles.

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    Robin Wilson

    I don’t consider myself a stupid person, but it never occurred to me to do this. But it makes perfect sense and you’re right, a memory foam pillow isn’t just a purchase anymore, it’s an investment. My husband’s was almost $100! And these are so affordable it would be dumb not to get one for every pillow.

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing that review. My son has severe allergies and he needs an allergen protector. They are usually pretty expensive, so it’s nice to see one for a reasonable price.

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