Silky, smooth, and hair free skin can be yours with the new Emjoi eRase e60!

PrintIf the average woman begins shaving her legs at age 13, by the time she is 35 years old she has spent more than 936 hours – over 39 days – just shaving her legs!

I don’t know about you, but those are 39 days I’d like to have back…

Luckily, I can stop wasting all of that time, because I’ve discovered a real alternative to shaving. It’s the Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator and it quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair from legs, underarms, and more.

Like most women, I’ve tried other alternatives to shaving. Depilatory creams were a mess and didn’t really remove the hair. And, waxing was so painful that I’m convinced a bikini wax is actually a form of torture invented by a sadist.

But, I’d never tried an epilator. And, given that epilators remove hair from the root, I was a little hesitant.

However, the promise– smooth, hair free skin for up to 6 weeks – convinced me to take the plunge this summer!

First, I read the instructions thoroughly. You can save yourself a great deal of discomfort if you use the epilator after a bath or shower and remember to exfoliate first.

Next, I tested the Emjoi Epilator on my arm, since that’s my least sensitive area. The epilator has innovative Erase Glide Technology, which enables you to glide it either back and forth or in a circular motion.

Finally, success! The process was mildly painful – something akin to being snapped by a rubber band – but nothing remotely close to the pain I’ve endured with waxing. And, in seconds my skin was smooth and hair free.

The Emjoi eRase e60 is the newest addition to the extensive Emjoi line-up of epilators. The dual-speed epilator has 60 tweezer action discs arranged in skin-tautening, dual opposing heads. Plus, it has a sensitive attachment for the epilator head, so it’s mild enough to remove hair in the most sensitive areas, including underarms or upper lip.

Best of all, hair as short as 0.3 mm can be removed from the root – no more waiting with embarrassing stubble until you can wax. Retail: $79.95

This summer, stop shaving, save those precious hours in the summer sun, and try an Emjoi epilator. To see the entire range of epilators including corded, cordless, and many more options, visit Emjoi.

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    Mary Withrow

    I would love to try this. My mother has one of the original ones and it still works! I was wondering how long til you had to go through the process again?

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