Should you invest in a leather skirt for fall?

Leather skirts for fall 2012

Leather skirts. The sticker shock alone may make the decision for you. But, if price were no object, would you wear a leather skirt? For me, it’s yes… and no.

Personally, I love leather. I have leather handbags and shoes, leather coats and jackets, and (of course) tons of leather accessories. So, when the leather skirt trend was unleashed this spring, I celebrated – until I saw the prices.

Don’t get me wrong, an investment piece is worth the splurge. A camel hair coat you’ll wear for seasons, a strand of pearls you’ll pass down to your daughter, even an oversized leather tote (mine doubles as a laptop case) are all pieces whose quality, workmanship and materials will “tell” over time.

But for me, a leather skirt is so very “fall 2012” that I can’t justify a major investment for a trend. Plus, I start to hyperventilate a little when I use my personal “value over time calculations” (cost divided by number of times worn).

I’ve showcased some of my favorite leather skirts above. And for now, I’ll have to go without (unless Versace decides to send me one). But, I wonder, will you wear a leather skirt this fall?

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