On the 6th day of Christmas… perfect pearls by Wendy Mahr

Pearls are treasures from nature, and jewelry designer Wendy Mahr takes full advantage of their luminous beauty in her contemporary pearl pieces. From stunning necklaces and bracelets, to chandelier earrings, to modern, chunky rings, her designs are sure to be a big hit this Christmas!

A Miami native, Wendy is a self-taught jewelry designer and has spent the last eight years putting her training and experience to use, growing her own business. Wendy’s designs are sold in fine boutiques and exclusive galleries across the country, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised to find that her designs are not only beautiful, they are also extremely affordable!

Her trademark silver wire and stone rings start at only $55 for a single pearl and run up to $120 for an amazing ring embellished with an extra-large crystal. Earrings are even more affordable, with a simple pearl dangle – perfect for every occasion – setting you back a mere $28. More complex chandelier earrings are slightly more expensive at $72 for the most intricate designs.

My favorite pieces, however, are the chunky bracelets and necklaces, which are right on trend for the holiday season. The chunky pearl bracelet, shown, is $85 and the lovely freshwater pearl necklace is only $210. (Both are on my personal Wish List!)

One of the best things about Wendy Mahr’s jewelry, though, is that these are not mass-produced (the kind of thing that I call “mall jewelry”). Designs each retain a little bit of the personality of the designer and the natural materials she utilizes make each piece unique. And the word is spreading! Wendy’s Mahr Jewelry has been featured in Family Circle Magazine, Glamour Magazine’s blog, The Miami Herald and more.

In additional to beautiful freshwater pearls in a rainbow of hues, other pieces contain crystal quartz, colorful amethyst and Chalcedony, faceted glass, coral and even shell. Wendy’s complete line of jewelry is also available online at Wendy Mahr Jewelry.

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition to Susan Said What?! Susan also writes for Style on a WHIM, It’s how you play the game!, and Success Won’t Wait!


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