3 easy ways to wear a chunky sweater this fall — without looking fat!

Chunky sweaters for fall!

Duffy chunky cardigan
$250 – julesb.co.uk

Rag bone knit top

Chunky sweaters are a must-have for fall.

On the runway, formerly unlikely combinations looked fresh and new. For example, Marc Jacobs paired his with swingy circle skirts and Michael Kors teamed a diaphanous golden skirt with an oversized fisherman’s knit. But, whatever you choose as the complement, the chunky sweater is sure to be your wardrobe’s star this season!

When the temperatures dip, I admit that I love a thick, snuggly sweater (or jumper, as my oh-so-proper British friend Hazel says). I do NOT love, however, the extra 10 pounds that a chunky sweater can add to my frame!

Luckily, there are three easy ways to combat instant weight gain from a chunky sweater. Best of all, none of them involve a diet! When choosing a chunky sweater, remember to:

Keep the texture away from your torso. The Farah Chunky Sweater from rag-bone.com (above, far left) confines the “bulk” to the sleeves. This creates a look that is on-trend, without added padding at your mid-section.

Go short. The Alexander Wang Merino Cropped Pullover (above, center) shows off a trim natural waistline. Paired with skinny jeans, this look is a winner!

Choose a cardigan, unbelted. The Duffy NY Duffy Chunky Wrap Cardigan (above, far right) is a perfect example of a sweater that could quickly add weight. Unbelted, however, the entire look changes! Show off those hours of Pilates with this sweater paired with body-con pieces.

Will you “go chunky” this fall?

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