Rockstar White: An Easy Way to a White Smile

Rockstar White: The Easy Way to a Dazzling White Smile I have a secret. Long, long ago, I was a … beauty queen. Once you’re done laughing, I’ll explain.  In my early twenties I was looking for a way to pay off school debt, so I got involved in the Miss America pageant system. It was actually a great experience – I learned a lot (not the least of which was how to apply liquid eyeliner in a moving car). And hey, if Diane Sawyer, Sarah Palin and Jeri Ryan can do it… Anyway, as you can imagine, one of the most important qualities for a pageant contestant is a dazzling white smile. Luckily, that was never a problem (although don’t ask me about the talent portion of competition). But since then, thousands of cups of coffee have wreaked havoc on my smile. Like many of you, I’ve tried whitening strips (which slid around), whitening toothpaste (made no difference that I could see), and even whitening mouth rinse (absolutely no affect, but at least it tasted okay). An expensive trip to the cosmetic dentist was out of the question – I have three kids to put through college after all. So, what to do? Well, I’ve heard about the many tooth whitening scams out there, so I was justifiably leery of internet advertised products. In fact, there are so many tooth-whitening scams that there’s even a “scam central” blog called White Teeth Scam. Then, Rockstar White came into my life – just when I thought I’d exhausted all the possibilities!

Rockstar White is a tooth-whitening product with the strongest over-the-counter tooth whitening solution on the market.  The company was founded by Dr. Dennis Hunt, D.D.S. Not only is Dr. Hunt a member of the American College of Compounding Physicians, American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the American Academy of Aerodonetics, he has also been selected two years in a row as one of AMERICA’S TOP DENTISTS by “Guide to America’s Top Dentist.” And Dr. Hunt has created a product that produces results that will wow you – and within only several sessions!

Rockstar White is incredibly easy to use – no strips and no boil-and-bite trays. The Rockstar White tray has a food-grade impression material that makes an instant impression of your teeth. This means you get a truly custom fit.

But the best part (for me anyway) is that this is a homeopathic product and includes Aloe Vera and other desensitizers to keep gums and teeth safe and out of pain.  Other products I’ve tried have actually burned my gums so badly that they began to turn white (ouch!).

Although I was new to Rockstar White, the secret is already out in Hollywood. The product is a favorite among celebrities like Kiki Palmer of “True Jackson VP,” Brandon Eaton of “Dexter,” Dr. Ray (aka Dr. 90201) and many, many others.

Rockstar White is available in both retail stores and through trusted dental offices. Retail $45. Learn more here.

I may not fit into my old evening gown and I’ve long since forgotten the words to my talent piece, but this former pageant girl has a Rockstar White smile that will certainly earn a “10.”

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