The beauty of glass

We’ve raved about glass beads before, but there’s more to glass than just beads. Glassblowing is a fascinating art that transforms a liquid-like solid into nearly any shape imaginable. Glass has the distinct property of reflecting light like no other material, so why wouldn’t we want to surround ourselves with such beautiful incandescence?

The history of glass in jewelry dates back to 3500 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia, where it was used in place of precious gemstones because it was easier to carve and shape. (And now we can wear glass jewelry because it’s more affordable than gemstones and just as colorful!)

Glass is made from sand, lime (as in limestone, not the citrus fruit!) and sodium carbonate (or soda ash).  Basically, these three ingredients are heated up to an extremely high temperature (about 750C-1000C), and then cooled quickly, so it hardens. To make objects out of glass, the glassblower has to keep heating it and shaping it to make sure it fuses together as one solid piece.

Jen Pitts, of The Velvet Box, creates works of art in her Ohio studio that celebrate the beauty of glass. She makes beads, pendants and sculptural pieces that are truly stunning.

The pieces from her newest collection (pictured) are completely unique and incorporate many different glass-shaping techniques, which give them different textures and totally different looks!

Jen and her team of artists were recently recognized for their talents at the Arts Business and Innovation Awards, held in Cleveland, OH. The ceremony honors winners in the following four categories: Individual Artist, Arts and Culture Community Champion, Young Arts Entrepreneur and, the category in which The Velvet Box won, Arts Business. What makes the Arts Business and Innovation Awards different from other arts awards is that it recognizes not only the artist ,but the business owner as well, and the unique relationship between them , which we fully support!

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