Votre Vu Skin Care: Secret to Flawless Skin

Votre Vu Skin Care: The A-Lister FaveAhhh…April in Paris. Is there anything better than watching the sunset on the banks of the Seine, taking in the panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying a respite from shopping at a charming outdoor café? Today, my friend Cindy left for a two week trip to France (and for the record, yes, I am jealous!). For weeks we’ve discussed which monuments and museums she’ll visit, which restaurants she’ll sample, and most importantly, what on Earth she’ll pack! When traveling to a supremely fashionable destination like Paris, it’s usually easy to pick out the American tourists, so Cindy is filling her suitcases with only chic, European-inspired ensembles. But have you ever noticed that true Frenchwomen invariably have a certain je ne sais quoi? Supremely confident. Impeccably dressed. And of course, flawlessly made up. The clothes I can always purchase, but I’ve often lamented… is that glowing skin the result of fabulous French champagne? The weather? Just good genes? Fear not American women! Because I have found the secret to flawless French skin – Votre Vu luxury skin care products.

Votre Vu combines centuries of French skin care expertise with some old fashioned American ingenuity. The result? A luxury skin care brand that’s second to none and available right here in the US.

Votre Vu offers over 50 botanically infused products – from specially formulated blends for mature skin, troubled skin, and dry skin, to hair care products, and even some especially formulated for men.

One of Votre Vu’s most unusual products is Les Sorbet (Retail $165.00). The winner of the prestigious Shecky’s National Beauty Award, this is an innovative solid wand full of wonderful, anti-aging ingredients guaranteed to give you an oh-so-French glow.

My sample of Les Sorbet arrived packed in dry ice — this wonder sérum is actually frozen to preserve and magnify the efficacy of the formula, and you keep Les Sorbet in your freezer. Just apply the refreshing wand directly on clean skin (face, neck, even décolletage) and use your fingertips to smooth on with light circular motions until completely absorbed. Then watch the magic begin!

On contact, the sérum contracts your fine facial muscles, revs up your circulation, and encourages renewal of cell turnover. No simple moisturizer, the actual science behind Les Sorbet is pretty amazing! With each application you are protected from free radicals while the compound works to renew your skin and provide a firm, youthful, glowing complexion.

The combination of ingredients really is the secret to Les Sorbet. First, to help protect younger skin from the ravages of age and to help mature skin look its absolute best, collagen is a must. As the main protein of connective tissue, it is critical to the structure of skin cells. So, as collagen degrades, fine lines and wrinkles take over (yuck!). The collagen in Les Sorbet gives skin the strength and elasticity it needs to stay firm, soft and smooth.

Les Sorbet also contains Crotein M. This is a protein derived from marine collagen and is easily absorbed into the skin. It also strengthens skin structure, preventing further damage from the environment.

Another important component is Elastine Marine. This is a highly effective, nourishing marine-based protein that helps rejuvenate and moisturize dehydrated, devitalized skin.

And finally, the Gatuline RC in Les Sorbet was specifically formulated to combat the effects of aging on the skin. Targeting the structure and architecture of the dermis, it has tremendous smoothing and anti-wrinkle abilities, giving tired skin a healthy, nourished look and feel.

Votre Vu Skin Care: Secret to Flawless SkinOf course, I’m not the first to recognize the merits of this outstanding skin care line. Hollywood A-listers in the know include everyone from television star Tori Spelling, to the lovely Lisa Rinna, to the Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei.

So how can you get Les Sorbet or any of Votre Vu’s other fabulous products? A complete product catalog is available online or, you can check out the Votre Vu’s unique products firsthand at VuBAR!

Upcoming VuBAR tour dates include:

  • April 8-11 Nashville, TN Southern Women’s Show in Nashville
  • April 16-18 Richmond, VA Southern Women’s Show in Richmond
  • April 23-25 Raleigh, NC Southern Women’s Show in Raleigh
  • September 16-19 Charlotte, NC Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte
  • October 1-3 Cleveland, OH Southern Women’s Show in Cleveland
  • October 7-10 Birmingham, AL Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham
  • October 14-17 Orlando, FL Southern Women’s Show in Orlando
  • October 21-24 Jacksonville, FL Southern Women’s Show in Jacksonville

Learn more about the entire line here. Votre Vu luxury skin care? Oooh la la!

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