#Giveaway! Amethyst and Sterling Earrings

#Giveaway! Amethyst and Sterling Earrings from Sitara JewelryCoveted for centuries, vibrant purple amethyst is simply a beautiful gemstone. Most often found in a gorgeous shade of violet, amethyst does occasionally have some color variation. For example, the gemstone sometimes includes more noticeable red or blue undertones. And, a unique Brazilian amethyst, popular during the Victorian era, is found in a pale shade of lilac-pink and is known as Rose de France Amethyst. But whichever color you favor, amethyst is always brilliant, sparkling, and luminescent. This stunning semi-precious gem is also the birthstone for February.

Amethyst is found globally – across Canada, in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and the United States, as well as Zambia, Namibia and other African countries.  It is also naturally occurring in Greece, throughout the Middle East, and in Italy.

An amethyst is more than just beautiful, however, and is considered to be a powerful stone in the world of natural healing. The gemstone has long been associated with restful sleep and mental clarity.  In fact, according to Sitara Jewelry in the article, ‘6 Healing Gemstones That Can Help You Navigate Tough Times,’ “Amethyst is a powerful healing stone that is incredibly versatile. Not only can it help to balance emotions, but it can also be used to increase your productivity. You can place amethyst in your car, office, or home, and reap the benefits of its many uses.”

I am a lifelong fan of the stone. And in addition to some of my personal faves like my Amethyst Serenity Lamp and Raw Crystal Amethyst Bracelet, both from Conscious Items, I absolutely adore the Amethyst and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings by Sitara Jewelry, pictured.

These stunners are artisan-crafted of gleaming sterling silver, accented with sparkling faceted amethyst stones. They are a lovely addition to anything from an upscale office outfit, to casual weekend wear. Retail: $36.00

In addition to these striking amethyst earrings, Sitara Jewelry offers a huge line of beautiful jewelry, crafted from sterling silver and gold overlay. The ever-evolving collection includes rings, bracelets and necklaces, as well as earrings in all shapes, styles and sizes to suit any taste.

All of the products at Sitara Jewelry are crafted in keeping with centuries-old techniques. The company contracts with talented Indian artisans who are paid fairly for their lovely designs. Not only are the well compensated, this arrangement allows the artists to keep traditional craftsmanship techniques alive, while working from their own villages throughout the country. Best of all, a portion of every sale goes to the Helping Children Succeed Foundation! This is a 501 c(3) organization that provides essential funding for a children’s school in India.

To see the rest of the incredible line (which starts at just $14!) visit Sitara Jewelry. And, for a limited time the company is even featuring a Winter 35% off Sale with code GOODBYE2022.

Now, one lucky Susan Said… WHAT?! reader will win a pair of these gorgeous amethyst earrings from Sitara Jewelry (Retail $36). To enter, simply use our  Rafflecopter form. There are multiple entry methods, so please come back daily! This giveaway is available for readers over the age of 18 in the CONTINENTAL USA. Odds are determined by the number of entries received.  This giveaway ends 2-15-2023. Best of Luck!

UPDATE 2-16-2023: And we have a winner! Congrats to Donna H. of Coral Springs, Florida!

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DISCLAIMER: No financial compensation was received in exchange for this Sitara Jewelry earrrings giveaway post.


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  1. 18
    Katie Rose

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band, but wearing a variety of earrings is my only other jewelry splurge, these are lovely!

  2. 55
    Leianna Kirkland

    My current favorite piece of jewelry is my handmade necklace that contains dandelion seeds. These earrings are so pretty and purple is my fave color. I would definitely keep them for myself and I would wear them on a night out.

  3. 56

    My fav piece of jewelry are usually necklaces but i love a beautiful earring you can show off. I would wear these earrings everyday and even on special occasions

  4. 101
    Lori Padgett

    My favourite piece of jewelry are my diamond earrings that my daughter bought for me when she was about 14 and working her first job. She saved up and my husband took her shopping for them. They are incredibly sentimental to me.

  5. 106
    Lori Padgett

    These earrings are gorgeous. I absolutely love the colour. I’d probably gift them to my daughter though as she loves sterling jewelry.

  6. 121

    I have several sentimental pieces of jewelry, my mother’s ring, my grandmothers wedding band and a peridot necklace my aunt sent to me not long before she passed, her birthstone. These are my favorites and I try to wear them as often as possible.

  7. 130
    Katie Rose

    The earrings are gorgeous. My each of my daughters has (or will soon have) pierced ears, but since I can’t give one pair evenly to all three of them, alas, I’ll just have to keep it for myself.

  8. 143
    Donna L

    I would give these beautiful earrings to my daughter because she has had a really rough few years. She would really appreciate them.

  9. 144
    Katie Rose

    Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry, I change them daily! Other than that I only wear one ring (wedding band). As far as a necklace, I usually wear the pendant family tree necklace I have unless it doesn’t work with my outfit.

  10. 149
    natosha m

    I really have to say that out of all jewelry earrings are the ones I wear all the time. I don’t prefer to wear many others, and when it comes to earrings, I love the drop style. These would be perfect everyday and special occasions. The color of the gem is beautiful and I would keep them for myself, but to be honest. I would probably find it hard to hold on to them without giving them to a family member as a gift, who would love them just as much. They are gorgeous and quite stunning with that beautiful color in a silver metal drop design. Beautiful combination and something that would be both gift worthy and for keeps!

  11. 154
    Charlene Drake

    I’m a February baby, so amethyst is my birth stone. I still have the amethyst ring my parents gave me for my 16 birthday. Great memories of them.

  12. 175

    These are stunning. I love earrings that include a piece of precious jewels. While I would love these I have a person who is having a significant birthday in February so they would be given to her.

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