Looking Great in Holiday Photos

Looking Great in Holiday PhotosChristmas is just days away, and if your family is anything like mine, the cameras will be out in full force. Looking great in holiday photos is easy if you plan a bit and follow these simple tips. You’ll be smiling now AND in a few years, looking back at your holiday memories!

A ¾ view is instantly slimming. Stand with the body turned away from the camera and turn your upper body toward the camera. And don’t forget your mother’s advice and stand up straight.

Use your hands. Grab a gift. Hold an ornament. Adjust a scarf. Pop a collar. Especially if you are uncomfortable with having your picture taken, your photo will instantly become less stiff.

Try the hand on hip trick. For “grip-and-grin” lineups, take a tip from Miss USA contestants and actresses walking the red carpet. No matter how thin and toned your upper body is, if you have exposed arms, the flesh will “pouch” if your arms are next to your body. A hand on the hip is an easy and effective solution.

Solids or bright colors are timeless. In addition to instantly dating a photo (did I really wear that?!) oversized prints just make you look… large. And who wants to add 10 lbs. before they’ve eaten any Christmas goodies?

Pay attention to the background. Creating a pleasing composition means taking into consideration all that is happening in the negative space (especially important if shooting in front of the Christmas tree).

Ditch the glasses. The glare can ruin a photo. Plus, you have beautiful eyes – show them off!

Enjoy your holiday!

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