Magnifying Makeup Mirror: College Essential

Getting my youngest daughter packed and off to college each year is a challenge. Getting her home – with all the extra bits and pieces she collects over the course of the school year – is next to impossible. Each year there are casualties. Lack of car space has sometimes forced us to abandon items at the curb – from a memory foam bed pad, to an entire closet full of hangers. And, that doesn’t include the items that, in the mad rush of packing, occasionally break! For example, her lovely magnifying makeup mirror simply didn’t survive the trip home last spring.

Luckily, I found an affordable replacement that is even better. Her new magnifying makeup mirror from Asani provides 1X, 2X and 3X magnification levels. So, getting the perfect cat eye or plucking eyebrows is made infinitely easier.

Unlike her old version, this magnifying makeup mirror is also lit by 21 LED bulbs that mimic natural light. This is especially important because the overhead lighting in her new dorm is quite weak. The mirror’s LED lighting is even adjustable. She can choose more or less brightness simply by pressing a sensor.

Magnifying makeup mirror from Asani is small enough for a dorm room, but provides exceptional magnification and LED light. A college essential!This mirror can be used with either four AAA batteries or a USB cable, which is included. So, she can easily move it from desk, to dresser without worrying about finding an outlet (which always seem to be in short supply with two girls per room!).

And, since her room is woefully tiny, the compactness of this tri fold mirror is a major asset. It folds from a width of about 12 inches to a smidge over 6 inches. It fits just about anywhere.

The Asani magnifying makeup mirror comes with a 100% risk free warranty. There’s even a bonus 10X mini mirror to stash in your purse or backpack for on-the-go touch ups. It is available in black ($23.99), white ($23.99) or gold (shown, $25.99) at Asani on Amazon.

This magnifying makeup mirror is (just like my daughter) simply… beautiful!

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