Lint Remover by Dolce is my Find of the Season

Pet Hair and Lint Remover is my Find of the SeasonI bought a lovely black wool coat this winter. And, it’s beautiful except… it attracts fuzz, lint and pet hair like a high-powered magnet. To solve the problem, I keep one tape roller / pet hair and lint remover at home, one in the car, and one at work. But, they hardly seem to make a difference! Even after rolling (and using quite a bit of tape) I still look like the cat slept on my coat. Truly, this wool holds onto fuzz like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

In desperation, I’ve tried pieces of packing tape, which are much sturdier than the pre-packaged lint roller. They worked a little bit better. But, it’s not a sustainable solution. I certainly can’t bring a packing tape gun to work! So, when I was given the opportunity to try the Dolce Pet’s reusable pet hair and lint remover, I said yes immediately. This pet hair and lint remover is completely different to the roller style version.

The “brush” is two sided and has a sturdy nap that grabs hair, lint and fuzz. To use, you just swipe / brush the fabric. (You have to make sure to use the nap the right way, or you will deposit lint ontoyour clothing). According to the company literature, the brush contains “thousands of high-grade micro bristles on each side.” The best comparison I can offer is something akin to dense, ultra-fine grade Velcro.

The brush itself is large (see above), so one swipe covers a wide swath, cutting your lint removal time in half. And, it works amazingly well. The nap of the brush seems to penetrate into the weave of the fabric and actually lifts out stubborn hair and lint.

I still needed to brush the coat quite a few times per spot. But, it’s easy. And, less dense, smoother fabric (such as cotton chair cushions or car upholstery) is even faster.

When you want to clean the brush (which I had to do several times, as it was getting clogged with fibers) you just slip it into the base to remove all of the pet hair, fuzz and lint.

There is even a small, travel sized bonus brush to carry in your bag. Plus, there are no tape refills. Since it can be used forever, it’s a much more economical option than my tape rollers. Retail $19.95.

Until I received this product, I was actually thinking about going back to my old black and white checked coat, simple because it doesn’t show the fuzz nearly as much. But, now I have the Dolce Pet’s pet hair and lint remover, I can wear my new coat with confidence.

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