Sitara Collections Moonstone Pendant: Obsessed!

This gorgeous, handcrafted moonstone pendant showcases the unique beauty of the rainbow moonstone. $78 Sitara CollectionsHave you ever wondered why only certain gemstones are so sought-after? For example, since ancient times, the moonstone has been a prized gem in the Indian, Roman, Greek and Asian cultures. But, in this case, it’s easy to see why!

Moonstone is known for (and coveted for) its otherworldly glow, which resembles the sun’s light reflected on the surface of the moon. In fact, the Romans believed that moonstone was actually created from solidified rays of the moon!

Closely related to a traditional moonstone, rainbow moonstone is another transparent mineral with sheen in a variety of beautiful, iridescent colors. The gem’s radiance (called adularescence) is caused when light falls between the stone’s thin layers of feldspar.

This almost magical appearance makes it an amazing gem for use in jewelry; just like the changeable moon, these stones seem to change color at various angles and reflect a multitude of hues from silvery white, to icy blue, to shimmering lilac. A perfect example is the rainbow moonstone pendant from Sitara Collections, pictured.

This gorgeous, handcrafted pendant showcases the unique beauty of the rainbow moonstone. The large center stone is set in a sterling silver representation of the sun with incredible incised details. Slightly larger in diameter than an American quarter, this pendant makes a stunning statement piece.

The pendant dangles from an 18” “snake” chain. The smooth, sleek chain is a wonderful counterpoint to the detailed pendant. And, the chain is removable, so the pendant can be used on either a shorter or longer chain, or even on a piece of satin ribbon as a choker. It’s incredibly versatile and so striking.

This gorgeous rainbow moonstone pendant from the Sitara Collections retails for $78. A perfect gift for Mother's Day and graduations!I think that this necklace would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift (which is just days away, in case you forgot!). Retail $78. 

Not only am I “over the moon” for this necklace, Sitara Collections is one of those companies that I’ve simply fallen in love with. Not only does this company offer beautiful pieces, but it is also dedicated to giving back. The company contracts with Indian artisans who are paid fairly for their remarkable designs. Not only are they fairly compensated, this arrangement allows the artists to keep traditional craftsmanship alive, while working from their own villages. It’s a win-win-win!

In addition to the rainbow moonstone pendant, a few of my personal favorites include sterling silver a citrine earrings, sterling silver and Vibha pearl rings. To see more gorgeous handmade gemstone jewelry for women, visit Sitara Collections. (Warning: I guarantee you will want everything!)

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