White Before Memorial Day: Do You Dare?

Wearing white before Memorial Day. Do YOU dare?Although no one is positive exactly where the “don’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day” rule originated, the best explanation I’ve heard comes from Mental Floss magazine:

“The wives of the super-rich ruled high society with an iron fist after the Civil War. As more and more people became millionaires, though, it was difficult to tell the difference between old money, respectable families, and those who only had vulgar new money. By the 1880s, in order to tell who was acceptable and who wasn’t, the women who were already “in” felt it necessary to create dozens of fashion rules that everyone “in the know” had to follow. That way, if a woman showed up at the opera in a dress that cost more than most Americans made in a year, but it had the wrong sleeve length, other women would know not to give her the time of day.”

So, if the no white “rule” really has no basis — other than the whims of some 1880’s “mean girls” — I say forget it!

Do you wear white before Memorial Day?

Do you wear white before Memorial Day?

But, wearing white before Memorial Day, especially at work, can still be tricky.  A simple white dress is a great place to start. Or, pair voluminous white pants with a tailored, black “tie” blouse for a look that transitions from day to night. Other favorite ways to wear white include white jewelry used as an accent, a white bag in a classic shape, or accessories, like a white scarf tied at the throat.

So, although it’s not Memorial Day quite yet, I say go ahead and wear white!

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    Lauryn R

    I wear white whenever I feel like it, haha. But I have never really been big on fashion trends and dos and don’ts. 🙂 I love a beautiful white dress like yours, I definitely need to get one! Thanks for sharing.

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