Equestrian style at bargain prices

Dover Saddlery offers equestrian style at bargain prices


I love the ponies. No, not the sleek thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs. I favor the furry, peewee-sized ones like the adorable little mare my next door neighbor brought home just last night.

Technically, she’s a miniature horse, but who cares for technicalities? Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a “thing” for horses of all shapes and sizes (my mother says obsession is a better word).

But, I was one lucky little girl, because my parents indulged that passion. Endless riding lessons, horse shows, and even a horse of my own (albeit leased)… it was heaven!

It’s been many years since I did anything more than take a leisurely trail ride with my own horse obsessed daughters. But, I still love equestrian style. My home is filled with hunt prints and Ralph Lauren fabrics. My closet is overflowing with equestrian themed scarves, bags, and boots. Even my jewelry box boasts stirrup earrings and Fornash bit bracelets!

How to get equestrian style… for less!

Unfortunately, if an item has a equestrian style, it somehow it magically doubles (or even triples) in price. So, if you don’t have a budget for expensive, pieces, I’ll let you in on a secret. I sometimes shop at tack shops for the real thing – and at a fraction of the cost!

Various pieces of actual riding gear are quite stylish enough for everyday wear. For example, the ubiquitous barn coat in khaki and suede looks fantastic over jeans. Lined gloves with rubber grippy palms are perfect for wrangling a freezing steering wheel. And, don’t even get me started on Wellies!

I’ve highlighted a few of my equestrian style faves for casual, everyday living above. These pieces are all available at Dover Saddlery.

My new next door "neigh" bor Misty Blue!
My new next door “neigh” bor… Misty Blue may only be 32″ tall, but she is full of sass!

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