Susan said… kitten heels are purrrrfect for fall!

Must-have kitten heels

Nothing can replace the glam look of stilletos, but some days, when I am on my feet for 10 hours (or more!) I need a more comfortable alternative. Apparently, I’m not the only one, because designers have flooded the market this season with kitten heels — one of my favorite looks for 2014!

The kitten heel offers the best of both worlds — the leg elongating, dressed-up look of a high heel, but the comfort and wearability of a ballet flat.

Originally introduced in the late 1950s for younger teenaged girls, kitten heels were quickly adopted by women of all ages. A resurgence of the style occured in the 1980s and thankfully, kitten heels are once again au courant!

Above are some of my top picks for the season in a wide variety of price points. Will you try kitten heels this season?

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    Michele P

    omigosh, I totally remember these from the 80’s lol…. and I loved them, had them in just about every color you could imagine and they were perfect for dancing, walking, and adding a little bit of height since I’m only 5ft tall. So glad they are coming back now…. the stilettos are gorgeous, but I cannot walk in them at all, and they are so bad on the feet so I resorted to wearing flats for years or wedges… so glad to see this style has made a comeback!

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