How to do perfect bridal makeup

BrideThere is no greater challenge than doing a bride’s makeup. It’s the biggest day of her life, she wants to look both natural and beautiful, and the pictures she takes in that makeup are going to be looked at forever.

Here are a few tips on how to make the bride look and feel as beautiful as her new husband thinks she is:

1. Airbrushing

Airbrushing options like Temptu Pro mimic the bride’s skin tone to create an extremely natural, yet polished, look. This technique takes a little while to perfect, so make sure you’ve practiced before you practice on a bride.

2. Apply Eye Makeup Before Foundation

This easy trick lets you avoid “fall out,” where eye shadow gets inadvertently sprinkled around the eye. Fall out is messy to clean up once it’s there, so avoid it in the first place by applying the foundation after you’ve finished the eyes.

3. Choose a Yellow Concealer

To hide unusually bright cheek color or unsightly red spots, use a yellow concealer instead of the typical green. That way, you’ll avoid an awkward green tint in photos. Make sure you re-apply the foundation after the concealer to blend the color into the skin.

4. Powder

Powder is essential for a wedding. The bride is going to be in that makeup for hours, and she wants to look just as fresh in the end of the reception photos as she does when she walks down the aisle. Erase shine and hold that makeup in place with a loose powdering when the final look is complete.

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