Metalpressions Makes Good On My Ring Order

12-20. UPDATE: I am so pleased to update this original story! After speaking with the principles at, they made a new – and truly gorgeous ring – which I will be able to give to my daughter this Christmas. I have learned that over the last six months or so, substantial changes have taken place at Metalpressions, particularly in the area of returns. This is good news for everyone, as it is now infinitely easier and quicker to make a return. Plus, the new ring is perfect, Perfect, PERFECT. I can’t wait for Christmas morning!

Metalpressions ring mistake they won't fix
My ring from as I received it. This was ordered as a monogram of three Greek letters for daughter in college.

Finding gift items for my daughter has become more difficult now that she’s away at college. Because I don’t see her every day, I am not sure exactly what she has in her closet or what fashion trends she’s embracing. So, when I won a $50 giftcard to I was so excited. A customized piece of jewelry with her Greek letters on it would be an amazing gift!

I went to the website to use my giftcard. Customization can be done online, but the process was a bit daunting. Since there was a phone number listed, I opted to speak to a real, live person, instead. This was going to be the best gift ever and I wanted to make sure it was right.

When I spoke to the representative, I was informed that the ring I had chosen, a 3mm sterling band ($50), was not wide enough for the Greek letters. She upsold me to a wider, 5mm sterling band for an additional $25. My free ring was now costing me $25, plus engraving and shipping… but, I reasoned, this was going to be the best gift ever, right?

When the ring arrived, I was crushed! Instead of three Greek letters in a monogram format (for a fraternity or sorority), the letters were equidistant from one another (see photo). So, from any angle, you can only see one letter. I am still not sure why this was not flagged as a mistake or questioned by anyone at, but that’s the way it arrived.

I immediately contacted the company. ring indicating where the letter appear 2013
Where each Greek letter appears on the ring is indicated by a toothpick. Does this look like a monogram to you?

I was told, “Our return policy does have a provision to return the item or have it remade for 40% of the original cost of the ring.” So now, my free ring would cost me an additional $45 for a total of $120!

After numerous emails with owner Andreas Argentinis over the course of a month, I was given the option to return the ring and for $15 additional, they would make it right. That still means that my free ring is going to cost me $90 ($40 out of pocket after my giftcard), plus additional for stamping, plus shipping (three times, once here, once back, and once here again). is by far, the least customer-friendly company I have ever encountered. The mistake was on their part and their refusal to accept blame and make it right is infuriating. Because it’s an internet company based in Savannah, Georgia, I cannot march myself into the store and speak with someone. And so, my free ring (which has already cost me over $25+ out of pocket) will never be fixed and is going to be sold for a few dollars in scrap metal at a local jeweler.

Since the holidays are upon us and many of you will be shopping online for gifts, I suggest you please steer clear of

I guess the Trojans were right… beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

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      Robin, You’re right — just eliminated them! It was seriously such an awful experience and I NEVER post anything negative or mean. But, I am in business myself and can’t see how a company like can stay around if they treat customers this way!

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