Pajama pants in public? Not for this girl!

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Pajamas are not meant to be worn in public. There. I’ve said it. I may get a few nasty-grams, but I stand behind my statement.

Yesterday, I was in the drugstore behind a mom and her kindergarten-aged little boy. She was in full hair and makeup, of slight build, and very attractive, except… she was wearing pajamas.

Before you think I am just being judgmental and mistaking yoga pants for pjs — I’m not. These were the same fleecy, bubblegum pink Hello Kitty pajamas I just bought for my daughter in the Juniors Department at Kohls. They were not exactly subtle!

Exactly when did America decide that wearing pajamas in public was a classy style choice? This is definitely not the first person I’ve seen in a store, at the movies, or even in a restaurant in their pjs.

It’s not a “young” phenomenon, either. This was no rebellious pre-teen! Nor is it confined to women. I’ve seen plenty of guys out and about sporting plaid “lounge pants” instead of khakis.

I get it. The concept – stretchy, comfy, worry-free pants — completely makes sense. I have several pairs of black yoga pants, which I put to good use when I am busy with more important things than ironing. But, pjs? C’mon, ladies — there are better ways!

I’ve showcased a few easy-care pants alternatives above. Between the super stretchy denim, cozy velour, or ultra-casual baggy pants I’ve sourced, you are sure to find something you like.

What’s your take? Would you ever wear pajamas in public?

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