The Brooch is Back! Styling Tips You Need Now

The brooch is back for 2023!According to JCK Online (the jewelry industry insider publication that explores need-to-know style trends) the brooch is having a moment.

This trend was already making waves when Rihanna took to the Super Bowl stage sporting three stunning vintage diamond brooches from Joseph Saidian & Sons. And just like that, it’s official… the brooch is back!

The History of Brooches

The earliest brooches recovered by archaeologists are from the Bronze Age and were originally created as practical clothing fasteners. The design and intricacy of the brooch rapidly escalated, however, and they became an easy way to project the wearer’s wealth and social status.

Today, brooches offer an instant update to almost any outfit. And, they need not be quite as pricey as Rihanna’s to make a real fashion statement! In fact, brooch clusters (using costume or real pieces you already own) can provide the same over-the-top look, without the hefty price tag.

Best Ways to Wear a Brooch

There is really no wrong way to wear a lovely pin. Of course, you can take a cue from a woman who was one world’s most practiced brooch wearers – Queen Elizabeth – and don a sparkling pin on the lapel of a blazer or coat. (Some of her brooch choices were even rumored to have secret meaning!)

Or, keep one beside your computer and add it to a sweater before a Zoom call. (No one will notice that you are wearing the same black cashmere cardigan again, just your beautiful bauble.)

A smaller brooch takes center stage at the throat of a blouse and turtleneck. Or anchor a silk scarf using a pin at the shoulder (be careful to simply thread the scarf through the back and not actually pierce it to avoid damage to the scarf).

Pair two trends and marry pearls with vintage brooches. Anchor strands on the side with a pin. One or two strands work well with oversized costume jewelry from the 50’s and 60’s.

Try using them in a totally unexpected way. Use a brooch cluster on the back of a jacket. Or, add one to the hem of a skirt, on a cuff, headband, hat, handbag, or belt. You can even embellish a swimsuit.

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

Where to Find Beautiful Brooches

Tiffany & Co. is the source for a piece that is destined to become a family heirloom. I am especially fond of the key brooches that are a natural extension of the key pendants which have become a jewelry lovers staple over the past decade. Tiffany also offers a menagerie of animals and bold Elsa Peretti® Amapola poppies.

My personal favorite is the charming Dragonfly Brooch, because it reminds me of a brooch that was my mother’s when I was a child. Unfortunately, the Tiffany version is far (far!) outside my price point. But, if you like the look (and don’t happen to have an inherited version in your jewelry box) a quick Google search turned up hundreds of options for new dragonfly brooches.

Etsy is another resource for one-of-a-kind pieces, and of course, Ebay is a veritable treasure trove of vintage finds. Happy hunting!

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

The Brooch is Back! How to Wear It

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