How to Pose for Holiday Photos: Our Top 9 Tips

How to pose for holiday photos: 9 tips for the best pics, yet!The holidays are upon us, and if your family is anything like mine, the cell phones will be out in full force. So, how to pose for holiday photos? Below are a 9 easy tips to keep you smiling now – and in a few years when you look back at your holiday memories:

  • A ¾ view is instantly slimming. Stand with the body turned away from the camera and turn only your upper body toward the camera.
  • Stand up straight. Mom was right! Also, roll shoulders back to add even more height.
  • Project confidence. Even if you feel awkward posing for a photo, think “sparkly” thoughts. It makes a huge difference.
  • Smile, but not too much. In order not to “over smile,” try this Hollywood trick. Stick your tongue behind your teeth while you smile (it takes a bit of practice). This keeps your gums from showing.
  • How to pose for holiday photosBusy hands. Take a tip from celebrities walking the Red Carpet. No matter how thin and toned your upper body is, if you have exposed arms, the flesh will “pouch” if your arms are next to your body. A hand on the hip is an easy solution. Or, choose an action (offering an ornament or gift for example) to add action and movement to what could otherwise be a stiff look.
  • Leg position? The leg crossover can be effective, but can also look like you need to run to the loo. A traditional “Miss America” stance (one leg in front of the other, turned at a 45 degree angle) is universally flattering.
  • Pick a pose. Have any photos of yourself that you really love? Are there any commonalities? Finding your “good side” will help you develop a go-to pose.
  • Solid, bright colors have a “wow” factor. Large prints are distracting. Small prints tend to look “muddy” in photos.
  • Ditch the glasses. The glare can ruin a photo. Plus, you have beautiful eyes – show them off!

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