Anti-Anxiety Bracelet from Conscious Items Helps Manage Stress… Beautifully

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet from Conscious Items Helps Manage Stress... BeautifullyThe concept of an amulet, or a “good luck charm” stretches back several millennia and cuts across all regions and religions, from early Judaism, to the ancient Egyptians, to Druidic tribes. And, the actual psychology behind their consistent use is fascinating. In the Association for Psychological Science article “How lucky charms really work,” psychologist Lysann Damisch of the University of Koln, Germany, “is among those who believe that lucky charms may indeed be effective, and she has an idea about why. She suspects that the activation of superstitious thinking directly prior to a task may boost a person’s confidence in his or her ability to succeed—what’s known as self-efficacy—which in turn boosts expectations and persistence, thus improving performance.” I recently put this phenomenon to the test using an anti-anxiety bracelet from Conscious Items during what was undoubtedly one of the most stressful weeks of my life.

The bracelet is crafted from beautiful, polished malachite beads. Malachite is a popular anti-anxiety stone, which is said to soothe during times of emotional upheaval. I not only wore it during the day, but also slept in it for a week. And, what an emotional roller coaster of a week it was!  But, looking at the swirled patterns of the stones during particularly tense moments was actually calming. And, I also found myself twirling the polished surfaces, using it a bit like a worry-stone. Maybe it was just the belief that this pretty talisman could help protect me from stress, but it was incredibly comforting and helped me relax enough to carry on.

According to Conscious Items, “Malachite balances your emotions by removing negative thoughts from the mind… it cleanses deep and apprehensive feelings in order to build confidence. Malachite is known as the stone of transformation; it protects and supports you through stressful changes.”

The stone has been mined for more than 4,000 years and is prized for its beauty, as well as its symbolism. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife contained an eternal paradise – a place with no pain or suffering – referred to as the “Field of Malachite.” In the Middle Ages the stone was engraved with a symbol of the sun and worn to maintain health and avert depression. And in 17th-century Spain, a child would wear malachite to help them sleep, as well as keep any evil spirits at bay.

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet from Conscious Items Helps Manage Stress... Beautifully

Beyond any mental health benefits, the bracelet – simply as a piece of jewelry – is oh-so-beautiful. Since malachite is a natural stone, the colors vary slightly from piece to piece. Each bead’s vivid green pattern makes it unique little work of art. Strung together, it’s a bold statement piece that really draws the eye (and plenty of compliments).

Because the beads are on the larger side (10 mm each) and the elasticized bracelet length is 6.49 – 7.87 inches, this piece works equally well for both women and men. It’s also the perfect style for stacking, either paired with other beaded pieces from the collection (I particularly like The Triple Protection Bracelet and The Brighter Future Bracelet) or with simple gold or silver bangles.

This makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone who suffers from anxiety… and, gosh, after the past few years, don’t we all? It comes beautifully boxed and even contains a card that explains  how to wear it most effectively.  Conscious Items Retail $39.95

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About Conscious Items

The team at Conscious Items believes that life is a blessing and should be lived not only with intention, but with a balanced mind, body, and spirit. So, the Conscious Items website contains a wide variety of beautiful products crafted from crystals, gems and natural stones which have been hand-picked to improve focus, invite abundance, deconstruct energy blockages and encourage health, happiness and prosperity. The jewelry pieces are destined to become your own personal “crystal bodyguards,” and an extensive collection of home décor will help generate a house buzzing with positivity. See the entire line here.

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet from Conscious Items Helps Manage Stress... Beautifully

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