Sandals by OKA b: Cute, Comfy and Recyclable

Sandals by OKA b: Cute, Comfy and RecyclableAs Earth Day approaches, I have been thinking about companies that go beyond expectations in their efforts to stay green. Reducing  carbon footprint is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are some fashion firms out there that take environmental awareness to the next level. One of my favorites, discovered more than 10 years ago, is OKA b. “Shoes That Love You.” This firm makes the most comfortable flip flops and sandals I’ve ever worn — cushy, cute, slip-on thongs that I literally keep by the front door.

But the coolest part about this company is that once your sandals are too worn out to wear anymore, you can send them back! OKA b. grinds up shoes that are free from contamination, mixes the grind in with “virgin grind,” and voila! They are turned into brand new, adorable sandals! (Shoes with contaminants are processed and recycled for use in non-apparel goods.)

Plus, when you send your well-loved shoes back for recycling, you get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

And the program is definitely working! The plant is literally filled with brilliant colors of shoes that loyal customers have sent for recycling after years of use.

I like all of the styles, but my favorites that I reach for again and again is the Millie Flip Flop, pictured. Available in a rainbow of yummy colors, these have such a beach vibe. And I love the soft, matte finish.

Of course they are cute, but they are so comfortable, as well! The straps lie flat against the foot to prevent chafing. And, there is even arch support, a heel cup for stability and support and soothing massage beads if you are walking for long distances. Retail: $35.00

In addition to the Millie, OKA b. has dozens of other styles — from ribbons and flowers, to jewels and tassels — in thongs, slides, flats, closed toe or classic. All are 100% recyclable, waterproof and  colorfast, Made in the America AND have a 2-year quality guarantee.

Green, comfy and adorable sandals from OKA b., just in time for spring. What more could you ask for?

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    Rosemarie Watson

    Just saw the oka b sandals for the first time on the Bonnie Hunt show today. They are adorable! Just one question…a little bit yuck…but do they make your feet perspire?

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