Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy Pieces

Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy PiecesGood fashion choices aren’t just about looking into designer brands or what is in season. You may also need to factor in the world around you. As an example, you might be wearing designer clothes, however, you could look quite foolish wearing shorts in winter, or a thick sweater in summer. When it comes to autumn fashion, you may want to consider the temperature and weather conditions outside, as well as what you plan to do, to make sensible yet fashionable choices.

New Sunglasses for Bright Autumn Days

While you might associate sunglasses with the summer, they’re an essential part of your autumn wardrobe. Of course, there will be more rain as we head towards the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean that bright sunlight can’t harm our eyes. Make sure that the lenses you choose provide good protection from the UVA and UVB rays.

However, because it’s autumn and may not be as bright in the summer, you could consider lenses that have a lighter tint. Brown, pink and blue lenses can be easier to see through than black and give your autumn outfit a unique spin. Check out this selection of Ray Ban prescription sunglasses to find your perfect match.

A Plain White T-Shirt? (Yup!)

Although this may sound incredibly plain, a white t-shirt can soon become your best friend during the autumn months. This has the potential to be incredibly versatile and can easily be paired with jeans and layered under jumpers and cardigans.

Autumn is the season of layering because you want to be able to take things off should the weather warm up in the afternoon. A white t-shirt won’t clash with other colors, making it easy to pair with just about any other piece in your wardrobe. Feel free to wear an over-shirt, jumper and a scarf when your white t-shirt is your base layer.

Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy Pieces

Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy Pieces

Fabulous Boots

With the weather taking a turn for the worst, a good pair of boots is a must for autumn. You won’t need anything too sturdy or fleece-lined but invest in footwear that can withstand showers and keep your feet toasty as temperatures drop. The best thing about boots is that you can wear them with colorful thick socks and tights for extra warmth. If you opt for leather boots, make sure you keep them polished and in good condition so that they last you more than just one season.

A Classic Coat

One of the surest signs that autumn has arrived is the need for a coat when you step outside. If you’ve started feeling the wind running through your thin jacket, swap it out for a rain jacket or stylish camel coat. Depending on your lifestyle, you could opt for a tailored trench and an umbrella or a full-on all-weather mac to keep you dry. Autumn is a great season for choosing earthy tones like brown and orange, but checked patterns are always a solid choice too.

Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy Pieces

Autumn Fashion Essentials: Just Four Easy Pieces

Kit yourself out with the right clothes this autumn so you can go out and enjoy the changing colors. HINT: If you’re on the East Coast, one of my faves is Longwood Gardens!

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