Mixing Patterns with Joyful Abandon: Here’s How!

Mixing patterns with joyful abandonPandemic lockdown does funny things to a person. In my daughter’s case, she has embraced every creative pursuit that I can think of… from baking, to knitting, to painting, to macramé. Her latest obsession? Sewing. Although she has owned a sewing machine for years, it has been gathering dust while she’s been living in Europe. But, during a recent visit home over the holidays she decided to bring it back to Spain (in her suitcase – I kid you not). And, she has been creating gorgeous new outfits and Frankenstein-ing unique pieces like mad ever since.

The best part of her sewing experience? Learning to mix patterns so that the finished product conveys a confident woman who dresses with joyful abandon, rather than a gal who got dressed in the dark!

One of the best examples of this eclectic vibe is from the Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2021 runway show from September (which seems like eons ago, I know). But after seeing my daughter’s creations, I was inspired to re-watch the show and was dazzled anew by the brilliant colors and skillful use of patterns. This show shouts HOPE, when the world truly needs some.

Mixing patterns with joyful abandon

I admit, I will skip some of the truly over-the-top looks such as tottering stiletto heels, patched denim, and high boots in wildly improbable patterns. However, there were quite a few takeaways that I think can be easily incorporated into a real woman’s wardrobe. Here are my personal highlights:

  • A riot of bold, bright colors from lime green, to fire engine red, to cobalt blue (and everything in between)
  • Charming chain handle bags in vibrant shades of teal, fuchsia, and sunshine yellow
  • The return of the coatdress
  • Mixing patterns including animal prints, florals, and geometrics
  • Luxe fabrics such as gold lamé and silk
  • Spring dusters (so useful!)
  • Embellished kitten heeled slingbacks (take me back to the 80s)
  • Faux flowers worn at the throat, in the hair, even dangling as earrings and on slender heels
  • Chunky and bold gold chains, including lariat necklaces
  • Graphic black and white checkered patterns and polka dots
  • Retro wide, wide, WIDE belts

You can watch the show in its entirety, below. I wonder… will you be mixing patterns this spring?

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    I haven”t been able to pull this off, or at least not feel confident that someone would assume I got dressed in the dark or hadn’t done laundry. It is a cute look on others, I should give it a try!

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