Reusable Chalkboard Labels Add Rustic Charm

Reusable Chalkboard Labels Add Rustic CharmGo just about anywhere these days and you are sure to see some form of chalkboard art. From trendy inspirational wall plaques, plates and canvases for the home, to retro sandwich board café ads on the street. I’ve even seen chalkboard jewelry! If you’ve tried your hand at creating a chalkboard piece, you know that it’s a little more complicated than it appears on Pinterest. (I’ve have had some successes and a couple of abject failures, too!) Not only is chalkboard paint challenging to work with, it is also time-consuming, since the painting, drying and curing time take away from the drawing time (the fun part, for me!). One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your home instant “Fixer Upper” chalkboard style, however, is by using Reusable Chalkboard Labels. You can affix them to glass canisters in the kitchen, use them on storage bins in the pantry, place them on hooks and racks to show kids exactly where to hang their coats… just about anything that needs a label, needs a chalkboard version!

Reusable Chalkboard Labels Add Rustic CharmAnd, this multi-size set of chalkboard labels by Sacar Stationery is definitely the place to start. The package includes 112 labels in 14 unique shapes, plus eight complete chalkboard sheets, so that you can create your own custom sizes and shapes.

The labels peel right off. They work equally well with actual sticks of traditional chalk (or colored sidewalk chalk), as well as liquid chalkboard pens. But, unlike chalkboard paint, they are easy to wipe completely clean and are reusable because they are actually made of top quality black PVC with non-toxic glue. Genius! I just used a wet paper towel and the writing came right off.

And, unlike chalkboard paint, these labels are also dishwasher and refrigerator safe. So everything from sippy cups to travel coffee thermoses can all have that charming chalkboard look. They are even great for parties – no more guessing whose drink is whose or what is under the chaffing dish lid.

The set retails for $19.95 on Amazon… and I can’t wait to start labeling everything in my house!

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