OFF the shoulder is right ON trend!

Off the shoulder is on trend!


Piamita blue dress
$665 –

Party dress
$23 –

WithChic red dress
$24 –

AX Paris party dress
$35 –

Velvet lace top
$145 –

Crop top


Perhaps I was initially inspired by the black and white photos of my mother’s stunningly simple wedding gown. Or maybe it was the image of a headstrong Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind throwing bric-a-brac at the hapless Ashley Wilkes. It could even have been the Disney effect…

Whatever the reason, I have always been partial to an off-the-shoulder dress. (Case in point: every “important” dress I’ve ever chosen, from my senior prom gown, to pageant evening wear, to my wedding gown, has been white and off-the-shoulder!)

For me, off-the-shoulder is simultaneously more romantic than strapless and infinitely sexier than a blatant, plunging necklace. And this Spring, top designers agree.

According to Emily Farra of Vogue, who covered history-making runways shows this fall, “If we had to choose just one trend to define the Spring ’16 collections, it would have to be the off-the-shoulder silhouette. Seen on runways from New York to Paris and all over the streets, exposed shoulders were this season’s playful, sexy antidote to years of minimalism. Even better, it’s a look that appeals to girls of every taste: Whether your style is classic, romantic, or thrift-store bohemian, an off-the-shoulder blouse can go from day to night; leaves plenty of room for accessorizing, especially with earrings; and offers a skin-baring option for girls who prefer not to expose their arms or décolletage.”

And, while I won’t be pulling out my old prom gown anytime soon, I did find a few amazing dresses and tops, above, that would easy to incorporate into any spring wardrobe.

I am curious… will you rock the off-the-shoulder look this spring?

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