Skip traditional black; Velvet looks luxe in a rainbow of hues!

Skip the traditional black! Velvet looks luxe in a ranbow of hues!

Armani Collezioni dress
$325 –

Alexon midi dress
$115 –

Long formal dress


I love velvet. Especially around the holidays, velvet is so sumptuous, so rich, so over-the-top luxe, that it perfectly matches my exuberant celebratory spirit!

Velvet is also so easy to wear. Long car ride? No problem. Velvet (especially stretch velvet) doesn’t wrinkle. So you arrive looking elegant – not like you fought traffic for 45 minutes.

And, velvet is so tactile. When I wear velvet, I find myself absentmindedly stroking the fabric. (Rest assured, he’ll want to, too!)

Maybe it’s because velvet is traditionally associated with royalty and nobility, but I think that a velvet jacket, wrap or even pair of flats adds a note of regality to any outfit.

And a velvet dress… ahhhhh.

I actually have several velvet dresses hanging in my closet – all black. This year, I plan to move away from conventional black and explore some other gorgeous options. From claret to warm brown, from sapphire to emerald, there are a world of choices in velvet that offer just a touch of the unexpected.

I’ve showcased a few of my top picks above. Have you picked your holiday ensemble yet?

Susan Conforte McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, Harper’s BAZAAR Style Ambassador, and the co-founder of the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait! In addition to Susan Said… WHAT?! Susan also writes for It’s how you play the game! the corporate website of the award-winning You’ve been Sentenced! word game.

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    Looking at your choices I like the long formal dress from I agree with you, velvet is a very sumptuous fabric. I prefer velvet in blue, black, purple, and red. I have a very dark red velvet jacket that actually looks black, you have to look very closely to see that it’s actually dark red.

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