For winter 2013-2014, invest in a classic top handled handbag

Top handled handbags for winter 2014

Kate Spade red purse

Michael Kors leather purse
$445 –

DKNY shoulder bag
$415 –

Ted Baker leather purse
$310 –

Satchel handbag

Black purse

There’s a fundamental difference between a trend and style, which is why certain fashion pieces can be resurrected 10, 20, or even 50 years later and still look amazing.

I first reported on the resurgence of the oh-so-ladylike top handled handbag back in March 2011. (original post here) A collection by Michael Kors — consistently one of my favorite designers — caught my eye as particularly reminiscent of the legendary Kelly Bag. Sigh…

An elegant, top handled bag really never goes out of style! So, if you are investing a nice new bag this winter, I’ve showcased a few of the best new pieces for 2014.

I, however, will not be getting a new top handled handbag. Earlier this fall, I snapped up a pristine, vintage piece from the 1950’s at a sale for an impossibly low price (I literally ran across the room and pounced on it). Proof that real style lasts forever!

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