Just released! Magnabilities new jewelry collection for fall!

Simply pop a magnetic insert into this pendant from Magnabilities and you can completely change the look. It’s like having a new necklace every day!

Last summer, I discovered a unique style of interchangeable jewelry called Magnabilities. The system is so simple that it’s ingenious. First, you choose a piece of jewelry – a pendant, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings from a vast array of styles, metals, or cording. Second, select a magnetic insert.

This is the part I love most because the options are almost endless! And, this fall, Maganabilities has added even more choices with a whole new collection for fall 2012. I’ve pictured two inserts from the new collection that I really adore – Kaleidoscope (shown here in green) and Dreamcatcher (pictured here in blue) but you could choose flowers, geometrics, even the Eiffel Tower!

These gorgeous inserts start at just $5.00, so you can build an entire jewelry “wardrobe” for fall that’s gorgeous, on trend and affordable!

Magnabilities are sold in over 3,000 U.S. locations and even distributed internationally. For a store locator, just visit Magnabilities’ Store Locator or shop Magnabilities Online.

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