Button and cluster earrings make a comeback for fall 2012!

The return of the button earring

Do you remember playing with your mom’s old jewelry as a child? Featuring prominently in my mother’s jewelry box were sparkling 1950’s rhinestone button and cluster earrings – vestiges of a time when “glamour” and “evening gown” were part of women’s everyday vocabulary.

As a young college grad in the early 1990’s I filled my own jewelry box with updated button earrings – serious shrimp styles and pearls for the office; enormous, oversized clusters for the weekends.

Since then, button and cluster style earrings have fallen out of style in favor of dangly or hoop earrings. But one thing is true in fashion, everything old is new again. And, for fall 2012, expect resurgence in button and cluster earrings.

Lest you be tempted to dig out Madonna-era (or even Marilyn-era) beauties, think twice. The earrings you’ll see this fall are sleeker than 1950’s vintage styles, smaller than 1990’s versions, and altogether more elegant, sophisticated and polished.

Here are some of my top picks, but you are sure to see many more options at your favorite retailer. Note to my girls: Please stay out of my jewelry box!

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