The Midas Touch: Yellow gold accents and jewelry make a welcome comeback this spring!

Get the Midas touch: Yellow gold for Spring 2012

D&G summer shoes

Gucci shoes

Summer bag

Balmain clutch hand bag

Dolce Gabbana bracelet

The February issue of Harper’s Bazaar arrived in the mail yesterday. I love the illusion of this magazine – ads feature fabulous ball gowns, jewels worthy of a queen, and stunning shoes that cost a month’s salary. None of these things is even vaguely in my price range, but a girl’s got to dream!

As I quickly scanned this month’s issue, I was happily surprised to see the return of yellow gold for Spring 2012 on virtually every page. I’ve always adored the warmth of yellow gold and its banishment in favor of silver seems a shame to me. Younger generations have grown to believe that only silver is fashion-forward, but I come from a time when yellow gold was the only acceptable choice.

This season’s gold is not the demure yellow gold that I grew up with, however. No tiny charms or simple bangles in evidence. No, for Spring 2012, the look is luxurious and over-the-top — pieces simply dripping in jewels that might have been recovered from a 16th century Spanish galleon.

For example, a Dolce and Gabbana ad showcased shoulder-dusting, gem-encrusted cross earrings that could have been swiped from the proverbial pirate’s chest. YSL used an incredible pearl-studded chain belt that looked like a Vatican treasure. And, Faberge offered magnificent, bejeweled, egg-shaped pendants fit for a Czarina.

Gold fever wasn’t limited to baubles. Accessories like shinning gold heeled sandals from Rossi and a gleaming Stella McCartney clutch were also featured, plus, gold trimmed jackets, tanks, and dresses by Gucci and Versace.

If you’d like the Midas touch for Spring 2012, I’ve highlighted some representative pieces above for inspiration. Since these types of pieces are so showy, one piece will easily carry an entire outfit.

Go for the gold!

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