Sweet lockets make a romantic fashion statement this winter

The most romantic lockets

Ila I locket necklace
$1,125 – maxandchloe.com

Ila I locket necklace
$770 – ylang23.com

House of Harlow 1960 gold necklace
$188 – shopthetrendboutique.com

Privileged chain necklace
$95 – maxandchloe.com

Heart shaped necklace
$6.88 – jcpenney.com

The locket has been a staple in women’s jewelry chests for hundreds of years, rising and falling popularity, but never disappearing entirely.

This unique piece of jewelry is not only a beautiful adornment, it can also be used as a vehicle for anything precious and tiny. The earliest lockets were filled it with medicine, locks of hair, ashes of loved ones – sometimes even poison!

The locket as a method of concealing a portrait is also common. In fact, one of the first documented portrait lockets in the American colonies (1649-60) was the property of a royalist lady who daringly wore a locket hidden beneath her clothing — concealing a portrait of the late King Charles I.

The Victorian era, however, was the apex of popularity for the locket. The romantic and sentimental Victorians embraced the heart-shaped locket as a symbolic representation of a loved one’s heart resting on the wearer’s.

Today, lockets come in many shapes and sizes. Although the heart-shaped locket is undeniably the most popular, oval, square and even origami-like unfolding locket balls are just a few of the many lovely styles available.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have been quick to jump on this trend. And, stunning lockets have been spotted on television — everywhere from Convert Affairs to The Vampire Diaries. Even Christian Dior’s 2011-2012 models sported enormous gem-encrusted lockets on the runway.

One of my favorite designers, Monica Rich Kosann, has an absolutely spectacular collection of lockets. However, with prices in the stratosphere, I’ve chosen to highlight a few in a variety of price points so that you can get the look — without mortgaging your home!

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