Yes, you can wear shorts to the office!

TopShop silk short
$100 –

Helmut Lang flat front short
$169 –

Theory short
$160 –

Fabulous shorts were all over the runway this year, but are they realistic for the office you ask? I say yes! Even in the Midwest you can wear shorts to the office, provided you follow these simple rules:

1. Go conservative. Shorts should hit mid-thigh and styling should mimic a pair of dressy pants. Nothing too tight and certainly nothing revealing.

2. Choose shorts in traditional menswear colors like black, taupe, gray or tan. You can add a splash of color with a stylish blouse, jacket or scarf.

3. Stick to dressy fabrics like raw silk. No denim. Ever.

4. Keep it professional. Shorts paired with a jacket, blouse and leather kitten heels look polished. Save the espadrilles and cotton tees for the weekend.

What do you think about shorts in the office? I’d love to hear from you!

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    Alexis Napier

    I just graduated college and I’ve got to build my professional wardrobe still. I’ve been thinking about the shorts question for some time now. With the wide variety I’ve seen with shorts this season: paperbag shorts, smock shorts, shorts with architecture built into the top and in so many patterns and colors- I hope shorts are acceptable for the office! And if you think your gams are so good that the men would go crazy at a glimce of ’em, maybe a pair of sheer black or brown nylons under the shorts? Maybe that would be too young feeling, I’m not sure.

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