Trudy Miller’s Layers are Suitcase-Savers

Trudy Miller Layers are Suitcase-SaversIt’s absolutely true that necessity is the mother of invention. When I found Trudy Miller’s Layers, I knew that this self-titled “solutionista” had solved a problem that women have grappled with since the invention of suitcase: What on Earth do I pack to take on vacation?!

You see, when I travel, I agonize over the “what ifs.” You know… What if it’s hot? What if it’s cold? What if it rains? What if I need mountain climbing gear?

Miller has come up with one answer to every question (well, everything except the mountain climbing). Deceptively simple, wonderfully comfortable, and fabulously stylish, this is a collection of traditional apparel that can be combined and worn in a huge variety of ways.

According to Miller, ever since her childhood watching Star Trek and playing with a Rubik’s cube, she had been waiting around for the perfect, future-forward wardrobe to show up. Her criteria?  Extreme comfort. Ability for individualization. Gorgeous and flattering to a variety of figure types. In 2005, she decided she couldn’t wait any longer! So, she created Layers.

Trudy Miller Layers are Suitcase-SaversIn addition to looking fantastic, Miller’s collections also deliver high levels of endurance and utility, without compromising aesthetics. Plus, each flexible silhouette is fully customizable to individual body type, lifestyle needs, and the fluctuations of weight and shape that occur over time.

I have two favorites, but the Layers’ collections are vast, with tons of color choices and styling options. For a trip, I personally think you can’t go wrong with the Cocktail Dress . As pictured, this can be worn in a loads of ways, and is available in acid yellow (shown), berry, cherry red and classic black. Constructed of rayon jersey, this is a dream for packing. Plus, the dress is currently on sale for $105. (And when was the last time you got three dresses for just over $100?)

I also love the Frilly Belt pictured, although that’s a complete misnomer. At only $48, this little slip of fabric is a major bargain doing triple-duty as a fabulous top (my fave!), whittling the waist as a chic belt, or adding a shot of color to a plain dress.

Still not enough choices? Layers has so many options you won’t know where to start. Visit Trudy Miller Layers to see them all.

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    Leon Beckford

    From a male perspective i would NEVER have thought or believed that the Cocktail Dress shown above was the same design on all three models.

    And i am sure women are concerned with the fear of “repeating” outfits in public.

    Absolutely Fabulous !!!

    Well done Trudy, and thanx to “Susan Said What?” for highlighting such wonderful, versatile and applicable talent.

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