How to never look fat again? I’m listening!

This new book by Charla Krupp at Springboard Press arrived in my mailbox just in time. After a long, long winter spent indoors due to massive snowfall, my clothes are feeling just a smidge tight!

How To Never Look Fat Again claims to showcase over 1,000 ways to dress thinner without dieting, and after a weekend reviewing the suggestions, I’ve decided Charla is right! The book is divided into 16 chapters with such mesmerizing titles as Arm Flap, Heavy Calves, Summer, and Wide Face. All kidding aside, each of us – even the thinnest – has some body issues that could use a little help. And, as Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor once said, “You can never be too rich or too thin!”

The book’s practical advice is illustrated with some shocking celebrity “Before” and “After” shots that clearly show how a side swept bang, a one shouldered gown, or a simple, cinched waist can make a world of difference. Instead of “Do’s” and “Don’ts”, Charla offers “Vows” – “I Will’s” and “I Will Not’s” (she even throws in a few “Don’t Your Dare’s!”). I’ve learned it’s easy to dress thin! Identify your problem area, follow the rules, and see the almost magical results in your mirror.

Many of the rules and suggestions are common sense, but I will admit that in the past I’ve been seduced by clearance racks filled with pieces that really don’t look great on me. A bargain is only a bargain if your wear it and look fabulous. So follow the rules! I can guarantee that if you follow Charla’s advice, someone at your office will ask “Hey, did you lose weight?”

How to Never Look Fat Again is available at Barnes and Noble. The list price for the book is $26.99, but the online price is only $17.99. Members save even more — 41% — so you can pick up your copy for only $15.78!

A sample copy of How To Never Look Fat Again was received through The Product Review Place

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