How to Make Your Pond Child Safe

How to Make Your Pond Child SafeA pond is a fantastic addition to a garden, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also come with some safety issues. One of the leading causes of accidental child deaths is drowning, which means you must always be on the lookout to keep your child safe from any kind of water, no matter how shallow it is. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get rid of your pond to create a safe outdoor space for your child, as long as you follow safety measures like the ones in this list.

Build a Fence Around it

One of the best ways to create a child-safe pond is to build a sturdy fence around it. You must ensure that your child cannot get through it in any way. That way, the pond can stay exactly as it is, but only you and other adults can access it. It is great for keeping dogs out, too! If you are still in the process of building your pond, be sure to check out for the best equipment.

Choose the Best Location

Where your pond is located affects how safe it is overall. A pond in the very middle of a garden poses more of a threat than one at the side, as it is far easier for a child to fall into a pond if it is in the middle of their play area. Another way to ensure extra safety is to locate the pond in a place that’s easily viewed from the home so that you can always see what is going on.

Educate Your Child

If your child is old enough to understand rules, you must educate your child on water safety. Make sure they know never to get too close to the water’s edge and take them for swimming lessons as soon as they’re able. It doesn’t fully eradicate dangers, but it does help lessen the chances of accidents.

Cover Surface with Mesh

A fence is one way to prevent your child from falling into the water; mesh is another. By covering the entire surface of the pond with mesh, you can still view your pond easily but your child won’t fall into the deep water. If they do fall, the mesh will catch them. Of course, this may distract the view of fish or underwater plants, but when it comes to your child, safety is far more important than aesthetics.

Supervise at All Times

The one sure way to ensure your child never gets into an accident in the pond is to supervise at all times. Even if you think they have reached an age where they can avoid the pond, you must keep an eye on them. Water accidents happen rapidly – a child can end up underwater in a split second, so you should always be present to ensure that never occurs.

You shouldn’t let the idea of a water accident stop you from getting a pond, but you should make sure the pond is as child-friendly as possible to make sure everyone stays safe.

How to Make Your Pond Child Safe

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