Solar Powered Edison Bulbs Transform the Garden

Solar Powered Edison Bulbs Transform the GardenAdding charm to a typical suburban landscape can be challenging. And, it’s something that Jasmine Roth, host of HGTV’s Hidden Potential, knows a thing or two about. I really enjoy her show because each episode includes an incredible makeover, not just of the home’s drab interior, but also of the cookie cutter exterior that most suburban homes present (mine included).

When faced with a standard patch of green lawn, a few shrubs, and perhaps some privacy fencing, many homeowners are stumped about what to do next. But, adding a few simple elements can make all the difference between ho-hum and showstopping.

Creating a “sense of place” is essential. And, comfortable seating and proper flooring are just the beginning.  For example, we recently erected a pergola to add definition to our backyard and provide a destination for eating, playing cards, or just enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

To dress it up, we layered in colorful potted flowers and hanging baskets with trailing vines. But something crucial was still missing… garden lighting!

Garden lighting one of the most often overlooked outdoor elements, but can truly transform a space. Candles and lanterns, while attractive, aren’t practical and offer extremely limited illumination. And, outdoor spotlights can be too harsh and bright.

One easy, effective and delightful way to add outdoor lighting to any garden is through vintage-inspired Edison lights. These charming strands create an intimate atmosphere and an inspired way to enjoy your outdoor space well after dark. And, with the addition of the pergola, I knew we had to have some!

Solar Powered Edison BulbsAlthough we have outdoor electricity, it is inconveniently located in a far corner. And, even if it was closer to my new pergola, I don’t want to run an ugly orange extension cord across the yard. So, I found some lovely solar powered Edison bulbs / LED lights by Brightech Ambience Pro. They look exactly like the standard plug in models, but come equipped with tiny solar panels.

We mounted two panels to the “roof” of the pergola, where they could absorb maximum sunlight. And every night, they magically turn on as the sun goes down. The result is a charming bistro effect, with plenty of illumination even in complete darkness.

A 27 ft. strand of the Solar Powered Edison Bulbs, including solar panel, retails for 39.99 on Amazon. For a minimal investment, we’ve created a whole new “room” that we can enjoy any time of day or night.

To see even more lighting options, visit Brightech. And, for more garden inspiration, click the Gorgeous Gardens tab.

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