Spa-worthy bath bombs are an all-natural “treat”

Spa worthy bath bombs make a leisurely soak an event!A leisurely soak in the tub is a part of my daily relaxation process. And, my bathroom is filled with essential oils, bubbles, and of course, spa-worthy bath bombs.

Recently, I discovered these all natural bombs from Markline. Since I have used bath bombs from Lush for years, I was interested to see how these stacked up.

The box arrived with 12 individually shrink wrapped-wrapped bath bombs in a white gift box, tied with pretty satin ribbon. They are so bright and beautiful — they look like candy! Immediately I thought that this would make a really nice presentation for a gift.

Then, I tried one. And, quickly decided I would keep them for myself!

Markline bath bombs set are handmade using only natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, and sea salt (Bonus! Since there are no artificial dyes, they don’t stain the tub.). Each one has a slightly different scent, but they all share that same overall, luxury spa smell.

From my experience, I found that they don’t “froth” quite as effusively as some that I have used in the past. But, they did make the water feel soft and silky and created a wonderfully relaxing bath.

Although these are spa-worthy bath bombs, they are priced really well. At $11.99 for 12 they just a dollar each! In comparison, one of the most inexpensive bath bombs at Lush is the Butterball which retails for $4.95. These Markline bath bombs are so budget friendly, and frankly, who can afford to spend $8.95 for a solitary Lush “Yoga bomb” for one bath?

The only thing I did not like is the inclusion of flower petals and herbs on a few of the bombs’ tops. I like the way they look (so pretty and natural!). But, I am not a fan because they can clog the drain and you have to clean up the tub right afterwards, so they don’t dry and stick (a minor detail).

Overall, these bath bombs have everything you could want. They are all natural, high quality, fragrant, beautifully packaged, and turn any bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. There’s even a 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Retail $11.99.

To purchase your box of spa-worth bath bombs from Markline, visit Amazon.

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