Giveaway! Kitras Art Glass ornament makes every day beautiful

Kitras Art Glass ornament, $24When I was a little girl, a friend of my father’s was an artisan glassblower. He made me an elegant swan and got me hooked for life on the beauty of art glass. Since then, I’ve picked up pieces at art festivals, inherited a few from family members, and even was able to watch some pieces as they were made just for me at Simon Pierce.

And recently, I discovered a new fave, Kitras Art Glass of Canada. This is a family-run business, as well as Canada’s largest hot glass studio. Kitras Art Glass has been creating “Everyday Beautiful” art objects since 1988.

Kitras artists hand craft a huge number of items, from bowls and vases, to wine stoppers, lamps and domes, as well as sculptural items such as art glass pumpkins and gourds. But, one of my personal picks is the Kitras signature creation: The Tree of Enchantment Ornament. These gorgeous pieces are each unique works of art. And, each color combination represents a theme, from Kindness, to Healing, to Celebration, to Faith. There are dozens from which to choose (although it’s absolutely impossible to select just one, as each one is prettier than the next!).

These lovely ornaments would be spectacular on a Christmas tree. But, I think they are far too enchanting to stow away in a box for 11 months of the year. Instead, I prefer to hang them in a bright window, where the colors are dazzling and the intricacy of the glasswork is on display. Or, I use a single ornament stand on a bookcase or shelf. Retail $24

To see how these stunning pieces are made entirely by hand, watch the video below.


Now, one lucky Susan Said… WHAT?! reader can now win a beautiful Kitras Art Glass ornament. The piece pictured, is entitled Prosperity, which I wish for all of my readers! This giveaway is available for Susan Said… WHAT?! readers in the USA, aged 18+. Odds are determined by the number of entries received. Giveaway ends 7-15-2018.

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  1. 2

    I have a shadow box that’s open front and back which held a cloisonne ornament and could hold the art glass ornament instead. I put seasonal objects in it or a pretty beaded tassel.

  2. 10

    I adore glass balls and have a small collection growing in my sun room. This one even has a tree (another little passion of mine); which would definitely make it a great addition.

  3. 16
    rebecca orr

    I live near the Corning Museum of Glass. They do glass ornaments there too. I love being able to display a pretty ornament around the house all year long. But this would be beautiful on the Christmas tree as well.

  4. 18
    Brenda B

    I’ve always found glassblowing fascinating. The ability to manipulate class while it’s molten hot, and form it into a beautiful and colorful work of art is something that I could watch for hours. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  5. 21
    Heather Bridson

    I would love to win this because it is beautiful! I love hand crafted things, unique and beautiful. I would either keep it for myself or give it to my mom.

  6. 22
    Minta Boggs

    Because I think crafts are amazing and I love making things not nearly this beautiful but I would love to win your beautiful ornaments also because I love different and creative looking ornaments.

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