Upcycled Garden Planters Add Quirky Cottage Garden Charm

 Upcycled Garden Planters Add Quirky Cottage Garden Charm

Spill, fill and thrill. We’ve all heard these “rules” for a container garden. And, after planting dozens of pots over the years, I agree. Our most successful containers always include a trailing plant (ivy, vinca) a showy and lush fill plant or two (impatiens, marigolds), and a thrilling tall plant (clematis on a tiny trellis). But, in my garden, that’s where the rules end!

A container garden doesn’t need to be confined to ho-hum clay pots. Your imagination is the only limit! And, I think that some of the best choices are Upcycled Garden Planters that add an unexpected dash of whimsy. Some ideas for unique containers include items you may have hiding in your garage or shed, right now:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Teapots
  • Watering cans
  • Seatless chairs and settees
  • Vintage toolboxes, totes and garden trugs
  • Wooden crates
  • Vintage advertising tins
  • Children’s wagons

Ready to start planting? For a garden filled with whimsical Upcycled Garden Planters, a few simple tips will ensure stunning success (even for the amateur):

  • Choose large enough containers, as plants continue to grow. I have occasionally underestimated the amount that flowers will grow and have had to re-pot. Resist the urge for “instant fill gratification” when potting.
  • Don’t forget to water frequently.
  • Use proper soil for potting. I prefer Miracle Grow Potting Soil with Moisture Control. And, don’t forget all pots and planters must have drainage holes, to avoid root rot.
  • Containers look best when grouped. And, pots or containers need not all be the same. Vary the height and flowers for the best look
  • Small garden? Think vertically! I love repurposed chandeliers, birdcages and Mason jar planters filled to bursting with brilliant blooms and trailing vines.

Wondering where to stash al of these treasures? A grouping overflowing with colorful annuals adds pizazz to a front entrance. Or, try a cluster of Upcycled Garden Planters to accent a deck or patio for al fresco dining in style. Plus, you can use large containers (concrete birdbaths, vintage bicycles with wicker bike baskets) with plants to camouflage less than desirable elements (the air conditioner unit or the electric meter).

And remember, container gardening isn’t only for showy spring flowers! Some of my favorite Upcycled Garden Planters are filled with fall blooms such as mums, paired with sculptural elements including potted cabbages, grasses, and even some pumpkins or gourds as accents.

But, my favorite part of creating a quirky cottage garden using Upcycled Garden Planters? No weeds to pull!

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