Top 3 spring fashion trends I plan to IGNORE

Top 3 spring fashion trends I plan to IGNORE

While I love fashion as much as the next gal, there are times when I consciously — at all costs — avoid a trend. Sometimes it is a color that is so incredibly wrong for me, I can’t even use it on a handbag. Sometimes, the style simply isn’t flattering on anyone under 6 feet tall. And, sometimes, (as with some of this year’s spring fashion trends), I sort of suspect that fashion designers are actually making fun of us.

According to Michael Kors (consistently one of my favorite designers for real, wearable fashion) there’s a difference between “fashion” and “just clothes.” And, that’s exactly where I run into a problem,

You see, I live in the real world, not on a runway. While I might admire (as art) that sheer sock / ballet flat pairing (Dolce and Gabbana), dramatic pom pom handbag (Calvin Klein), or 12 inch long chain earrings (St. Laurent), these are items you’ll never find in my closet.

Why do designers ignore the fact that real women need real clothes? Very few of us (myself included) are as tall, thin, and young as the average fashion model. Who actually looks good carrying 3 handbags at once? And, where does one even go to wear a completely sheer evening gown?

As a younger woman, I jumped on every trendy bandwagon out there. And frankly, a tour through my old photo albums is a little scary. Did I really think an asymmetrical haircut was flattering? Or, how about those black combat boots? The neon orange sweater? (I am not making this up.)

Today, I stick with what works for my age, my body type, and my personal style. I still love to experiment with new styles and colors, but ultimately, if I really don’t like a trend, I simply ignore it. Here are the three trends I personally plan to forego this spring:

  1. Plastic Fantastic. Every design house is rolling out the Saran Wrap this season. And, transparent plastic clothes / shoes / boots / handbags are everywhere. In addition to being incredibly uncomfortable (I speak from experience — I spent years in clear plastic pageant shoes – ouch!), most of these pieces look like student design work trying very hard to appear edgy. Although there may be a few items that could be considered cute, I plan to sit this trend out.
  2. Pink Eye. Pink and red eye shadow began to crop up last summer into fall and is still going strong this spring. Makeup experts may be able to make this look work on say, Selena Gomez or Margot Robbie. But, even when done professionally, this isn’t a look I love.
  3. Look at Me Logos. A logo here or there is to be expected. And, to be honest I have a few items in my closet that I bought for the design or color that do have somewhat large initials. But, this season, the logos are taking over. Gucci t-shirts, in particular, seem to scream (somewhat desperately, I think) “Look at me!” Hard pass on this one.

Since this is my personal “miss” list, I wonder… do you agree? Or, are there other looks you will be skipping this season? I would love to hear from you!

To see the spring fashion trends that I love, visit Susan’s Style on Pinterest.

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