Red wine decanter from Bella Vino? Olivia Pope would approve!

Red wine decanter from Bello Vino is a ringer for Olivia Pope's fave from Scabdal!Can’t tell a Malbec from a Merlot? Neither can I. But, my dinner guests will think I am an expert if I present their red wine in this stunning red wine decanter from Bella Vino!

I absolutely love the simple, contemporary design. And, in addition to a great silhouette, the decanter also has an asymmetrical spout that is both attractive and makes pouring easy and drip-free (saving my snowy white tablecloth!).

I just love the look of this piece. And coincidentally, so does one of my favorite television characters — none other than Olivia Pope from Scandal. If you watch the show closely, you will notice that in addition to shockingly high stemmed wine glasses, this wine connoisseur and her father often use a beautiful red wine decanter that is almost identical to this stunner.

This piece is not only a showstopper, it also is cleverly designed with a wide base which helps soften the tannins in red wine and allows the wine to “breathe.” According to Wine Spectator, when a wine is breathing it is aerating, or being exposed to oxygen. This is an important step when serving red wine because, “Typically, as a wine is exposed to oxygen, it becomes more expressive, releasing aromas and flavors.”

When hosting a dinner party, I know my guests appreciate the extra effort. It’s one of those simple little touches that separate throwing a good party from hosting a memorable event.

The red wine decanter from Bello Vino is a ringer for Olivia Pope's fave!Because it is made from lead-free glass, this red wine decanter is lightweight and easy to handle at the table. But, it is sturdy and large enough to hold a 1800 ml bottle of wine.

Although Bella Vino says that it is safe for the dishwasher, the neck on this decanter is still quite slender. So, to avoid any potential chips, I  hand wash mine (just in case). And, when not in use, this piece is so pretty, I certainly don’t want to hide it away in the china closet. Instead, I leave it out on the sideboard, since its design is so sculptural.

The 1800 ml red wine decanter is available on Amazon for just $36.95. There is also a slightly smaller 1200 ml version which retails for $31.95.  Either version would make a beautiful and useful gift (along with a good bottle, naturally!) for the wine connoisseur, or for a housewarming, wedding, or birthday.

It really is true… life’s too short to drink bad wine!

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