Front door color: What it says about you

What does your front door say about you?

Does your front door need a facelift?

Your home’s front door offers the world an instant clue to the person who lives inside. Is it bright and welcoming? Traditional and imposing? Or completely quirky?

While choosing a color for the exterior of a house can be a major decision, choosing a front door color requires only a quart of paint and some imagination.

My own front door is bright red. When we re-sided a few years back, we chose a medium gray tone, with white trim, and plain black shutters to accent the red brick. For our traditional neighborhood, this was a smart choice. When we eventually sell our house, this color will not be a deal breaker (for most buyers).

But, I desperately needed to liven up this somewhat staid color combination. And, I knew that a red door would be like offering a wide smile to anyone approaching. (It’s also a wonderful landmark. The “house with the red door” is easy to pick out amongst the cookie cutter homes!)

Thinking about freshening up your front door? There is a little bit a psychology behind color choices. And, although color preference is dependent on personal experiences, there are some universal reactions:

Red. Considered daring, exciting, and bold. Looking at this color actually speeds up the heartbeat.

Yellow. Sunny, optimistic, and happy.  Yellow also sparks creativity.

Green. The color of nature. Can be soothing in darker or muted hues such as sage or fun-loving in brighter shades such as lime.

Blue. Overwhelmingly the top choice amongst men. The many variations can be beachy (pale blue), traditional (Colonial blue), or modern (sapphire).

Whichever color you choose for your front door, make sure it reflects not just your style of your home, but your unique personality. (And remember, a quart of paint is an inexpensive fix if you begin to rethink your choice of stop-traffic orange, purple, or fuchsia!)

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    I never thought about the color of your door reflecting your personality. We have a homeowner’s association here so we don’t have much choice in door color.

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      I have heard the homeowner’s assn. issue from other people, too. It can be good or bad, I guess, depending on how you look at it. One neighbor of mine painted her shutters and door Barney-purple (no kidding). It was that way for YEARS. And, when they sold their house, the first thing the new owner did was repaint in black. LOL.

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