Create a stunning buffet with no ice, electrical cords or dangerous open flame with #CateringStone

sushi-at-the-chesapeake-inn-on-cateringstone-lenny-photographySpring is the time for celebrations! From Easter dinner, to graduations, to birthdays, to pre-prom parties, the house will be full from April through June – and that means buffets. Lots of them.

In the past, I have used silver chaffing dishes and the occasional crock pot to keep everything warm from mini Quiche to scallops wrapped in bacon. And, a tray on ice was my solution to safely serve cold bites like chocolate covered eclairs or fruit kabobs. Not pretty, but I figured, what else is there?

Until now.

CateringStone at The Special Event, 2CateringStone replaces ice, electricity, and open flame with food-safe technology. Now, you can create a spectacular buffet display (like a cruise ship!) without the need for messy, melting ice baths, trailing electrical cords, or unattractive cans of potentially scorching open flame like Sterno.

Using 100% food-safe technology, Catering Stone delivers constant, dependable temperatures of below 40 ° F and above 140 ° F.

Hot CateringStone at Catersource in Las VegasHot, Hot, HOT! Maintaining the temperature of hot foods is crucial to their visual appeal, taste, and most importantly, safety. Catering Stone keeps food above 140 ° F without continuing to cook.

  • No electrical cords to trip over
  • No smelly cans of Sterno
  • No chaffing dish candles that heat only the center of the dish
  • No more cold food
  • Lasts for 1,000 uses, for up to 6 hours per use (depends on ambient temperature)
  • Eco-friendly

Cold CateringStone at Catersource Trade ShowCold as ICE! Wilting lettuce, tepid fruit, and melting ice cream are unappetizing at best… dangerous at worst. With Catering Stone, your food is kept at a constant of below 40 ° F.

  • No more messy bags of melting ice and puddles on the floor
  • Constant cold
  • No clean up at the end of the evening
  • Lasts for 1,000 uses, for up to 6 hours per use (depends on ambient temperature)
  • Eco-friendly

If you are a frequent host or hostess, #CateringStone is a worthwhile investment because they last for up to 1,000 uses. Just think about how much 1,000 cans of Sterno cost or 1,000 bags of ice. Yikes!

These stones will also save you from some of the inevitable headaches associated with hosting a bash, making the party that much more fun!

Learn more here or order now.

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