For flawless makeup application, you need a wall-mounted magnifying mirror!

Magnifying makeup mirrorI don’t like to admit it, but my eyesight is just not what it used to be. Call it too much screen time or call it a normal part of the aging process… I now need glasses to see close up!

Usually, my reading glasses are not a problem. I got some black geek-chic, square frames that are pretty darned cute. And, I don’t even mind being seen in public wearing them! The problem is really when I try to put on my makeup.

I never fully appreciated how difficult this is for those who wear glasses. Is my foundation blended enough? How straight is that eyeliner? Is my lipstick smudged? Heck if I know!

So, I recently installed a nifty 8″ Wall-Mounted Magnifying Mirror. Although I feel a little like Snow White’s evil stepmother when I gaze into it, the magnification really helps! One side is normal magnification and one side is 8x magnification. The first time I used it I was shocked! Are my pores really that big? Is that gray hair? It was enough to send me running from the bathroom!

Once I got used to the magnification, I found that this mirror is something I simply can’t do without. It’s mounted to the wall at just my height and has a convenient bi-fold arm that extends 14″. It also has a swivel for tricky jobs like plucking eyebrows.

The 8″ Wall-Mounted Magnifying Mirror is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Retail: $39.99 (and worth every penny!)

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    Jesselyn Andersyn

    Other than the disconcerting jolt of suddenly seeing gray hairs, enlarged pores and those usually undetectable (to the bare eye) lines around your eyes – I find that a wall mounted mirror is an indispensible MUST HAVE tool. (And I keep a small magnifying mirror (or compact) in my purse (makeup bag.)

    It’s amazing what you don’t or can’t see – and a lot of it is actually, easily correctable!

    Thanks – good advice for all!

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