Susan’s Top Picks: Must-have plaid throws for devoted fall and winter sports fans!

Ralph Lauren Alpine Lodge Wool Throw. On sale now for $209.55 at
Ralph Lauren Alpine Lodge Wool Throw. On sale now for $206.50 at

Yesterday, my day started with a 4:00 am wake-up call… and went downhill from there! What should have been a lovely day, sitting by the riverside, watching my daughter row in the season’s final regatta, turned into a nightmare of whipping winds, steel-gray skies, and bone-chilling temperatures!

Lucky for me, I remembered my Ralph Lauren Caldwell throw. When not actually watching the races, I spent my time in a folding chair, snuggled beneath the 100% wool blanket. Not only did it keep me toasty, but it also looked great! Imported from Scotland, the throw is a stunning red and green plaid, with traditional fringe trim.

My Caldwell throw is actually several years old, but I did manage to find a brand new one here on eBay for just $189 (originally priced $295).

LL BEAN Plaid Throw
This plaid throw from LL Bean is made of washable wool and retails for $89.

If you’re in the market for a great, all-purpose throw, this season’s new offerings from Ralph Lauren include a slightly more subdued plaid called the Alpine Lodge Plaid Blanket (pictured above). A generous 54” x 72”, this is perfect throw — indoors or out. 100% imported wool, dry clean only.  Originally priced $295.00, this throw is currently on sale at Ralph Lauren Home for $206.50.

If you have allergies to dry cleaning chemicals or would simply rather be able to wash your throw at home, I also found a washable wool plaid throw at LL Bean. My top choice is the fiery red (shown right). But, the blanket is also available in classic Blackwatch plaid, a pale blue and cream, and cedar-inspired neutrals. In addition, this throw is monogrammable, so it would make a most-appreciated gift this holiday season! Slightly smaller, at only 54” x 60” it’s still a great throw. Priced at only $89.

Great style and a great price! This budget-friendly plaid fleece throw is available for only $18.99 at Sears.
Great style and a great price! This budget-friendly plaid fleece throw is available for only $18.99 at Sears.

Finally, for the budget conscious (and, frankly, who isn’t these days?) I even managed to find a lovely plaid thrown in warm khakis, browns and reds in cozy fleece at Sears (pictured left). A voluminous 71” x 79″, this blanket will keep you toasty everywhere you go this season – from chilly stadiums, to evenings by the fire, to frosty winter sleigh rides! Best of all, it’s only $18.99.

Now that the fall regatta season has wrapped up, I can begin to look forward to winter sports — thankfully held indoors. Ping pong anyone?

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    Beautiful throws! Yesterday’s weather sure did let us know Winter is around the bend (it could’ve done it in a less harsh way if you ask me!) – hope you had a thermos of something nice & hot to drink!

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