The fashion trend you can’t ignore this spring? Polka dots!

Just dotty!

It’s no secret that polka dots are hot, hot, HOT. I love the innocence and sweetness of polka dots — flirty and feminine – dots just look right for spring.

How best to incorporate polka dots into your spring wardrobe? You could go for broke and wear an absolutely darling polka dot dress! I’ve showcased a few of my top choices above.

I tend to prefer white dots on a strongly colored background, but colored dots on white backgrounds and pastels abound, as well. Remember, when wearing polka dot fabrics (or any busy pattern), it’s best to keep clothing designs simple and somewhat streamlined.

If you are worried about the Minnie Mouse-effect, try a polka dot accessory as an instant update. There are thousands from which to choose, but I’ve highlighted a few of my faves below. I especially like the polka dot shoes – whimsical and fun!

Which polka dot pieces will you be wearing this spring?

Pure polka dot

Dune black and white shoes
£80 –

ASOS ballet shoes
$45 –

Wellington rubber boots
£30 –

Kate spade handbag
$138 –

Moschino buckle belt
$125 –

Le Pavillion Iphone 4 Case
$40 –

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