Add your personal stamp to accessories with marvelous monograms

Make it yours with a traditional monogram

Monogram canvas tote

West avenue jewelry
$100 –

14 karat jewelry
$235 –

Monogrammed Iphone 4 Case
$56 –

Thread Monogrammed Luggage Tags
$15 –

Maybe it’s because I’ve been frantically putting my daughter’s name on all of her belongings as she gets ready to head back to the University, but lately I’ve been thinking about monograms. I’ve long been a fan of swirly letters on sweaters, block prints on shirt cuffs, and of course, all forms of casual jewelry sporting my initials. And lately it appears that monograms have made an incredible resurgence after a noticeable absence. Happily, I’m seeing monograms on everything from traditional writing paper, to home goods, to totes, hats, bags and more.

A monogram can turn otherwise bland pieces and accessories into something special and uniquely yours. In fact, I think I became a true convert in college – in order to stop my roommate from constantly borrowing my clothes!

As a fashion statement, a well-executed monogram says confidence. And, as Lisa Birnbach so eloquently stated in The Preppy Handbook, “Who needs LV or YSL when you can lay claim to a discreet EBW III?”

I’ve highlighted a few suggestions for contemporary accessories that become truly special with the simple addition of a monogram, but the possibilities are endless. Try a local embroidery shop or seamstress who can easily and inexpensively add monograms to pieces that you already own.

Monograms? They’re not just for co-eds anymore!

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